So I decided to make a new clan with my friends from school, and it’s called the TG clan (stands for The Gamers; I know, kind of stupid). Open to anyone who isn’t terrible at swordbattle lol
This is kind of just a chill clan, pretty much just be nice and don’t kill your fellow clan members.
But yeah, that’s pretty much it. DM me if you’re interested :slight_smile:


kill kill kill

Are you in MV or TG ???
Can’t really be in both.
And this sounds like a cool clan! If I wasn’t in a clan already, I would definitely be in this one!

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Why can’t you be in two clans? Frumpy is the creator of MV, and he’s still a member of CK…
If there’s some sort of unwritten rule that I’m not aware of though, I can possibly quit MV to run TG full time.

Idk, it just seems weird that you can be in two clans, but you do you

Sorry, even if you can be in 2 clans, I still don’t want to betray mine.

When we next meet, it shall be in battle…en guarde! :crossed_swords: :supervillain:

Incorrect, I am an ally of CK, not a member. Major diff.


The Two Clans Merged.

Murder Time.

Could you join ours @Acol would love too I think.

no they didnt

Yes CK And MV Did.

I Was There When You And Angel Said It.

merged is when they turn into one clan, we’re still 2 separate clans

@ANGEL Said For You To Be Allies You Had To Merge But You Could Keep Your Name.

whatever u say man im done argueing

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HI i am interested on joining your clan

aha, I see. Guess that means I have to renounce my membership of MV then…