My thoughts about new update

So… I dont really understand any benefits of new clases, there is nothing of it…
Samurai - Sooo if you wanted to make more powerful class, than, it should be really MORE POWERFUL, tank is better then samurai in any way. Samurai should be a little bigger and stronger then tank< but not smaller and useless…
Knight - this class have the same - NO benefites against the Berserk, yes, maybe he moving faster, but his small amout of damage and that non exist knockback(yes he pushing but a lot worse then a default player lol), this class is just useless!! I just have no reason to change on it from berserk.

Conclusion: Classes should be removed or rebalanced, they are really useless and really seldom can help you in battle. Also i think if you chose Berserk, the next classes you have to chose is Knight and the second one(idk), the same about Tank, you shouldnt be able to chose “Tank type” class from berserk.
There is all.


Well I was thinking maybe we can add a build tree that we can lvl up using our coins or by a different currency like skill points or something cool but every time you kill a player you can basically get a skill point (or whatever you want to call it) and then whenever you die there is the button to click on and then you can basically lvl up any class you want with more damage more health regen or even more speed.

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Interesting, but unfair in some way

despite the grammatical issues, this is basically what I was trying to articulate

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