My ranking in

and dude i grind a ton ive been doing home work recently


I joined in November and I am went to a higher spot in the leaderboard than the one you currently occupy because of one day of grinding, maybe you should do a day of grinding sometime after swordbattle v2.0 is out.


I need someone to grind for me

Sorry accident misreplied I fixed it.

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lol i dont im the only one who knows my account pass

two people know mine

Lol i used to be in top 27 now im 14 almost 13 back lol


don’t worry i am in the 2000s i am worse

Now coder is 182…


Now I’m #228

im top 15 rn

am numba 6

ur still top 500 at least

yeah i am litterlay 3223 place