I HAVE been getting better at art and i wanna show you my new drawing i haven’t improved as much but soon


its a tree from perspective

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it looks like the bush skin

bush skin on drugs

You’ve improved, even if it isn’t by much.

nah skill issiue tbh my first skin was
axolotl (2)

Bruh my first skin was this :skull::sob:

I’m remaking it still

better than both mine and @ERICKCatGK combined

did you create skins before, or for other games?

also do u know when the next skin update is droping just wodering :crossed_swords:

This is my first time doing anything like this and I’m very happy about it

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By tomorrow, at most


when new update comes out

When you remake the skin, will you change your pfp to said new skin?

Maybe, I may keep this for nostalgia