My fps is non existant

Look at this

lol i saw u

fps: (deleted)

that’s actually impressive. I have a trashy laptop that I play on and I opened Minecraft at full render distance with all of the laggiest features enabled and swordbattle didn’t ever go below 4 fps

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oof high ping

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y wud u do that

bc I need a new laptop and I wanted to C how low my fps would go.

Also here’s a pic of my laptop when i did this:
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although swordbattle still had 5 fps
(prob just bc it couldnt update the game to show -10000 fps tho)

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heehee the worst i got is 0.25 fps

thts not actually ur laptop right?..
thats a lie lolgetrekt

but maybe not…?

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i sometimes got 10000 ping

what, how do u play!!!

hehe just wait for another time

nvm, today i got 30k ping and 1 fps. i wanted to take ss but cudnt move mouse

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iv gotten 360000

i mean 36000

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