“Mouse Only” option doesn’t work

The Problem
When I go in settings and change “Mouse + Keys” to “Mouse Only” and leave (the settings) and go back in, it’s still “Mouse + Keys”. This is annoying because I use a mobile device and the joystick doesn’t work (if it does then it’s lagging like hell)

Extra Information
I use iPad
It’s version 16.5
I got it two years ago
When I got my iPad it was version 14
There isn’t a “save changes” button in the settings

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Weird. Does this happen a lot?

Yep. It always happens

Sounds like a error on you unless other people have this issue

Hi what browser are you using? I think there is an issue with localStorage on your browser which is used to store the settings. It should actually fall back to a global variable but it doesn’t seem like it’s doing that for you.

I’ll try to investigate further if I have time


I mean I assume that if they use a iPad they use safari, firefox or chrome…

@gautam I use Safari

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I think it’s because you are on IPad. I’m not sure though. I suggest mouse and keys for iPad or iPhone