Legends of Old


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Rip me getting 0 likes for this stuff



wht bout me?

Wht have u done

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Will prob continue today


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can i be here??

wht have u done?

why dont u play as “manage passwords” anymore? (or at least i dont see u play as that)

dang that makes me 6 days off from angles

HA no one is active but has a older acc then my (except coder):expressionless:

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I am cosmicwarlord now

wdym angel?

Editing. Cursor still there

wdym u cant type in that

Editing tool lol. Am not stupid

Its fake look at this

lol the game is not that old and your acc is only 109 days old:\

Screenshot 2022-09-26 10.08.26 PM
Ctrl+Shift+C opens the developer console we’re not stupid