Will the judging start tmrw or will you start making you projects tmrw

What does Kajam have to do with swordbattle?

thts y i made it general topic not swordbattle

do u know tho?

starts tmrw

the judging or the coding

The coding started today. The theme is “spicy” and I am planning out my game.

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I suck at art lol

Lol nice job

Good luck!

I don’t think I’ll enter this year. I’m awful at games.


I am too. I’m mostly going for the “best story” award.


Sounds cool! Link your entry here when you’ve made it! I’d love to try it out.


I’ve decided that I’m not entering the jam. I think I need more time than 7 days to get the game the way I want it. If I do get it done in 7 days though, I certainly will enter.

That’s a shame but makes sense. Take your time and have fun with it!

let me know how it goes @codergautam


what kind of code does the Kajam use, or what code do you have to use in it? and how often does the Kajam happen?

You’re allowed to use any form of code for the kajam, there are no requirements as long as it can run on replit. And as far as I know Kajam happens yearly but I might be wrong on that.