Just pretty curious

Do you think we should be able to transfer/take money/xp from our alt accs and put it into our main instead?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t have an alt

no it will not be added


It would be nice if you could transfer money from one account to another, like as a prize for making a skin. but it would have to be verified by email/ and it could still be abused. So no.

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But say u were playing on another acc but want those coins now…

Dm me if ur curious y i want this

No. No. No.

Why why why

Dont make alt accounts, be like me. It useless.

Ya but it’s too late. I have lots of money in alts

Then dont play on alts anymore, earn coins on your acc

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Iki will but so much gone…

Remember about me, having a lot of coins but I cant even spend it, fell my pain :sob: :sob:


Grind for me then :wink:

1m - $2.5

Im joking

Sp yes or no?

Nope, im not going to boost other people

Ok lmao

i still think there should be like girfting or trading

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