I’ve never seen YT shorts before… It’s such a weird UI

its deep

Wait… Did you actually make all 2000 of these and post them over a few days?!!

he didnt make them

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i did make them, but it’s all automated :wink: @DillonB07 @ManagePasswords

teh quote says by sun tzu tho

it’s a real quote, but the channel is mine


You can get demonitized for automated content

I can?

lol rip

Yeah. Here’s a link: Spam, deceptive practices, & scams policies - YouTube Help.

but it’s not spam tho, it’s different quotes

One person literally got demonitized for only posting content for one game.

lets see what happens im gaining so many subs

r u tho?

im gaining 20-40 every day

Ay I am one. Not only that, I also subbed to QuickDev who you linked as another one of your channels (Because I already watched every coding video on youtube and need more)

WHOAH thats a lot