To Mitbald:
Laserfoil skin could have been so much more than it is today. When you copyright striked me, it made me feel sad. It made me feel like a part of me had been lost forever. It seems a little silly to copyright an entire word that is in the english dictionary.
Laserblade sounds way cooler than laserfoil.
In conclusion, you’re hot.


Why was it copyright?

why is it copy right

he said he owns copyright on anything with the word blade in it so that’s why i couldnt call it laserblade so i changed it to laserfoil

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rip lol

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You could try to persuade coder, but mitblade and coder are friends Irl so that could be hard.

nah its not that big a deal

No he doesn’t own copyright to anything with the word blade in it.

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Annotation 2023-03-08 193624


I got copyright to his name

Im suing him for 999 billion dollars wish mr luck microwave clan


no do it for 6969 bil dolers

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That’s so impossible, there’s millions of unique username’s that can be associated with the word “blade”.

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Its a joke like coder wouldn’t remove it even if he did jkjkjk

But fr tho aint no way you got a copyright claim to “blade”

Not possible

and that why you will be hearing from my lawyers soon

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/ban shadowblade

Ayo :sob: