I made a Skull Skin to re-cleanse your eyes

Bum bum bummmmmmm somehow mitblade owns like 1700 companies

My bad, I’ll fix that. I’ll see if I can change the expression a little.

…with all due respect, if I remove the mouth and nose it’s just gonna look like a bowling ball with eyes, but I’ll try my best.

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for same reason people think kids r scared of this when i bet a 5 year old wouldn’t be

I’d hope that 5 year olds don’t even have a phone yet…

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ive seen 3 year olds with phones

Yikes. But I can see how this skin would seem scary. I’ll try and fix it up a bit.

I agree with this actually , there are lots of cheap skins rn


i reallly like it

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The expensive ones r too expensive combined


Maybe not remove mouth then try making mouth somehow nicer

So like a smile or something? I’d probably have to change the eyes too if that was the case.

somehow nicer up to you how