I am going inactive for about 3 days

Okay, so coder put out this huge list of skins for people to make, and for no other reason than to satisfy my own boredom(and maybe I’m punishing myself for making that anime skin. Idk) I’m gonna attempt to make every single skin on that list. Anyway yeah. I may pop in every once in a while, but I fully expect to be sleep deprived by Tuesday. Have a lovely day, evening, week, etc.


Good luck.

We’ll sleep deprived is not fun so get sleep

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What about my skin?

Yeah, I’m working on that too



im da biGgest bird

No I am

No we both are let’s kill everyone (:<

Wanna repeat that again?..

Yeah we’re gonna have fun!

for @Assasinator

I darn messed up angel want to get angel to help :innocent:

What if I do?

He is going to have to make my S.W.E.A.T skin… Rip lol