How to make a good Skin or Sword


If you’re here, you probably want to make a good Swordbattle Skin or Sword well I got just the solution.

Make sure you follow all the rules, or your skin or sword won’t be added to the main game

Biggest rule of them all

No Copyrighted skin or sword because it wont be added in the game

How to make a cool Swordbattle skin or sword!

  1. I suggest downloading the template of the skin and the sword below, so that the skin is completely circular as the template skin.

  2. You will want to draw on the template skin and sword and add additional features so that your skin, or sword may actually get added.

  3. You can go on Google and try to copy other images, but don’t make it Copyrighted.

What does Copyright mean?

What does it mean when someone is Copyrighted?

Copyright refers to the legal right of the owner of intellectual property. In simpler terms, copyright is the right to copy. This means that the original creators of products and anyone they give authorization to are the only ones with the exclusive right to reproduce the work.

So in other words just DON’T do it :slight_smile:

Thats all i got for now stay cool and keep battaling them sword players :person_fencing: :crossed_swords:

Ground rules

Foremost, these are some very important rules to follow so that your skin is added:

  1. Your skin can’t be copied.

Your skin can use inspiration from other images from Google or anywhere else, but you cannot simply copy the image.

For example, your skin cannot be a picture of something on the internet, edited with some new stuff.

  1. Your skin cannot include a copyrighted name

It cannot include a copyrighted name, logo, or brand

Step 1: Getting Started

First, think about what your skin should be.

Make sure it is appropriate for all ages, and it matches with the rest of the game art style

Next, pick a drawing app of your choice. Make sure it can export a transparent PNG, you will need that later.

Step 2: The player

Now it’s time to create the player. The player is the circle, and can be decorated as you wish. But There are a few ground rules.

  1. Image must be a PNG, with a 300x300 resolution
  2. Image must have a transparent background
  3. The base should be a circle (see template below)
  4. There can be some stuff coming out of the circle base, but please make sure that it isn’t too much.

To help you get started, here is a base image you can use. I recommend just downloading and drawing over this.

Step 3: The sword

The sword is what the player uses to fight with. Like the skin, it also has some rules.

  1. Image must be a PNG, with a 280x260 resolution
  2. Image must have a transparent background
  3. Sword must be pointed 45 degrees, or the base should be in the bottom left and tip should be on the top right (see template below)
  4. Make sure that the sword isn’t either thinner or too thicker than the template, it can cause some issues when fighting. (see template for recommended thickness)

Again, to help you get started, we have a template you can use. I recommend just downloading this and drawing over it.

Step 4: Submitting

Great, so you now have a skin, and you are ready for it to be added to the game.

If you haven’t already, create a new account on the forum (top right).

All you have to do is go here:

After you have created a new topic Post the edited image and sword into the edited space

how to add images

Hit this
Screenshot 2022-11-18 8.33.40 AM
(Its circled blue)

Note that the staff may change these 300x300 and 280x260, and there are no guarantees that your skin will be added.

If the skin isn’t approved, the staff will let you know and how you can fix it.

If everything goes well, your skin will be added to the main game within 1-2 weeks, but please be patient.

Please post your skins here

After you post your skins there, if the staff members like your skin it will be split into a new topic and people can discuss your skin. If it’s cCpyrighted, it will not be split into a new topic it will be automatically deleted.

Link to the topic of v2__

Announcing... swordbattle v2.0

How to resize your images for

Have a great day
credits below

Thanks to codergautam those are the rules you will need to make a cool skin BUT with addition adding.
Here’s the link to the actual rules and how to make a skin and a sword.


yo sketch, if u go to ppst skins i made a long post on how to check/resize skin sizes. Maybw paste it into ur tutorial.


Alright what is the topic name

Post your skins here

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oh btw thats not a topic anymore i think gautam deleted it

It’s gone

Ot should be foxed try again

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I made a skin what would you say the odds are of my skin getting added?

You have to ask the person who adds skins

forgot something

Take your time

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yea i need to clean a skin still for someone ops

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