How do you combat roaching

I have had lots of times where I get to 20,000 and been killed by people with zero what is the best way to deal with this?

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Detect them and kill first, throw the sword to kick him back before they near you.


always run away, and try to hit them from a distance. if they get in you, then throw your sword at them


Its the same that I said man

  1. Keep moving
  2. Throw your sword (it can reach players inside you)
  3. Don’t stay near middle where players spawn
  4. Stay away from crowded areas
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Ok this will be helpful thank you

all of what they said but if the roacher has the name zarooma let me kill you :wink:


i’ve found that screaming and flailing and throwing your keyboard at your monitor is the worst idea, if that’s any help!


i thought that is what you do after it happens

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ne i give up quick

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simple answer: be laggy. i know from experience

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