Helllo my friends i have gone onto the leaderboard

Hello my friend i have been playing every day for the past 30 days to get here and i have i am 103 and i am on the leader board i can’t believe it i am just curious about how you all felt when you finally made it and can you pls tell me how long it took you?


Eh I do t know how long I went afk after I made account and then I started playing again so maybe a month or smth till I got there but I felt nothing I was top 100 but I wanted at least top 50 so in a week I got there and felt a bit more proud and set my goal higher

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oh,nice to here that in the end you still felt a since of pride at the end:)

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Not till I’m top 15 with a 2 mil run will I be satisfied

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It took me 2 days to get #1 from 18.02.2022 to 20.02.2022, it was about 270k.


Idk I just clicked my profile once and found out I was something odd 30 places on the leaderboard was proud of myself but I didnt have enough time to keep that spot


oof i feel bad for you what is your gaming tag though

My gaming tag? If you mean username it’s wasd

yuoy good job idk how long cuz when i checked the leaderboard for the first time ever i was alr on

i am Marrow_Earth:)
passcode 9312659660

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