Healing too slow

All of a sudden after an update, it can take up to 5 minutes just to heal from low health. I really think the max time to heal out of any health percentage should take under 1 minute.

Ofc this is my opinion


you heal faster as you grow bigger. but sometimes, when i turn on the boost, my health does not grow. its weird. When i am big, it takes a few seconds(5-9 secs) to let health become full. I don’t know what is happening. maybe as coder gautam?

healing doesnt take more than 3 mins roughly. the heal time makes sense.

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the lower your health, the longer you will heal, even with tank



Yeah, and its kinda unfair bc if a big player is targetting you, they heal faster bc they will mostly always have alot of health, then you die because you cant heal.

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That’s on purpose so you will try to avoid getting into low-health situoations

Healing on red takes 3x longer than healing on yellow.

It’s only a few hits difference


ik that if you’re at green then u only need to wait 5 seconds to heal

so how long is yellow?

same! I agree!