Golden Assassin Skin!

Gautam working on V2 not careing be like.

i really like this skin i hope they add it to the game

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It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, but I kinda feel like the skin and sword are two different art styles, like it’s the same color scheme but somehow it feels different, you know?

Just my thoughts. Overall rating skin is pretty good but could use some minor touch-ups;

I give it a 6/10, it could definitely use cleaner lines and some shading as well. Great start!

Ribbit! :frog:

A spec ops guy?

No, it’s some kind of naruto thing :skull:

No as in a skin that would fit the sword :skull:

Oh, yeah that would fit better. :skull:

can you add copyrighted skins to the game? @Fish

what do you think

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Not copyrighted I add the swirl from the free shapes cause it looks blank.