Glory Island

Yes i would like to mine.

i want an island

can i have the mountain

also a gold mine, pickaxe, sword, water bottle, and chicken leg

i leave, SnakeyKing , my island is unclaimed.

@Caesar_Augustus You can “invade” it.

@_AH_F1NN96 You got $10 while mining. Now you have $25.

Ok but fake Wasd hasn’t joined (this game) yet

@swordz Which island do you want? If you can’t decide, then I reckon you can have Harsh Deserts

@ʞᴉllǝɹ Ok you have Mount. Loresty

@ʞᴉllǝɹ Ok now have a gold mine, a pickaxe, a sword, a chicken leg and a water bottle (and spent all your money now you have $0). Do you want to mine (or invade)?

@Caesar_Augustus Ok you spent $85. Do you want to mine?

Give it anyone than Idc

i want to mine

hey @MV_Penguin神561 want to team?