Frager201 skin 2.0


Did more better if you wanna make it better harsh I like your harsh style btw if you want

Sword is in the link down be[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=1 chartType=bar]

  • Like it should be added
  • Dont like it not going to be added
    Credit for harsh for making a sword
    Not the best but feel free to make it better

Hope you like it coder


i like the skin but the sword i like with more detail

i mean more detail on the axe

wait, you’re ttvfrager201!

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Yes i am why

i like your profile for the skin

dude, why do you always try to kill me?!

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Is that the point of the game?

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can you make the skin more like your profile pic?

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I dont know lol its kinda hard

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that what i said

it seems like you always hunt me down.

lol cuaseyou always get alot of money

remove your name from it

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My twitch name

see it now it is better?

lol yeah probably