Flags idea

  • Detect player’s country and show it next to his nickname ingame and in lederboards
  • Function to disable it if player dont want to show his country
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That’s creepy


@Acol @CosmicWarlord Wouldn’t work, I use multiple VPN

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Uh well maybe i could make it so you can set a country? instead of it finding your location

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Then people will set fake countries : (

I say hell no to this feature. Lmfao

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@FishyMine Why?

Because it should be obvious on whats gonna happen.

dont understand

People will making their country meme names, such as “niger” “russia” “ukraine”. A game that used to have “select your country” and guess what everyone did, they all set their countries to “niger”, “north korea”, “russia”, “ukraine”, etc…
(There wasnt even 1 person with USA)

So yeah, i have a feeling that will happen :frowning:

I mean i would love this feature to be added but i worry about these kids setting their countries to that :skull:

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This is why i said that detecting your location a lot better

Isnt that against the law/illegal in some places

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ye i think so. if it does get addad, it shyd at least be togglable

Default could be disabled.

But im still worried that its gonna still be illegal in some countries


@FishyMine Dont see a problem, it legally, in many games it shows your country.
Also tell me please why i was banned/kicked from discord server? I didnt open discord for a week.

Join the discord, I will explain there. Swordbattle.io

It’s not illegal but it’s kinda creepy that’s all

Mostly kids play this game and they will get scared if they see the game storing your location

The game does log IP’s for security purposes but I usually delete them within a week


So… no, for now.