First person to reply i will make the a program in python

read the title for details

program me a programming language similar to javascript
or a 2d parkour game

bruh it is python and i cant make a coding lang please choose again

A neural network that learns to jump over a gap.

i only have ssh access

idk then

ok fair

I have an idea! I kinda want to make a new program myself so what if we both made the same thing and see how different each one is!
(although that still leaves the problem of what to make)

yeah that seams cool

dang i got here too late

you can still suggest something i dont have any ideas based choose your own adventure with fights

swordbattle 3d?


I want to play but faster
wayyyyyy faster!
i want to zip and zoom through in 5 seconds!
slicing and dicing all the while.

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