Firefox or Chrome

Firefox or chrome?

  • Firefox
  • Chrome/Chromium
  • I use a chromium-based browser like Brave or Edge.
  • Other (Comment)

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Google or Bing or duckduckgo?

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Duckduckgo
  • Ecosia
  • Other (Comment)

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Adblocker or no adblocker?

Note: does not matter if it applies to all sites, it counts if you use it on just one.

  • Yes, I use Ublock Origin
  • Yes, I use Ublock
  • Yes, I use AdBlockPlus
  • Yes, I use a unnamed udblocker.
  • Yes, I use other (Comment)
  • No.

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Do you play any of these games? [Select all that apply]

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Is MollTheCoder good?

  • Yes
  • No

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yo, so much people play minecraft

What’s this “” game everyone is playing?

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Poor ecosia with no love. I used to use Ecosia, but I don’t like that it has Bing results so I switched over to DDG a few months ago. I also used to use Chrome but switched to FF at the same time. FF is much better with RAM/performance. Quite a few websites don’t work properly though :sob:

Yeah Firefox is missing some well known experimental features only chromium has.
Stuff like HTTP headers but mainly JavaScript features.

My main issue is CORS. I had to install an addon to solve issues with it.

What’s chromium?

It’s an open-source browser. It’s the browser that Chrome and a bunch of other browsers (like Microsoft Edge) are based off of. The main difference between Google Chrome and Chromium are that Chrome has all of Google’s closed-source jingles and Chromium is 100% open source.

More or less Chrome and Chromium are basically the same thing.

firefox is the best


Oh thank you

Firefox is probably good for incognito i think

i use brave which has a built in adblocker

Chrome has a built-in adblocker too it just only works on potentially dangerous ads.

it does? I never knew that.

It basically doesnt, its only an ad blocker for the 18+ ads etc. And of course the scam ads, aka “Free e-books, watch a tutorial! | Want to make money using audible? Watch our stream!”

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Incognito is the same on all browsers pretty much. Incognito mode just means that your browser doesn’t store history, cookies, cache etc from that session. Websites can still track you in the incognito window and your ISP still logs your activity

Not me, I use a VPN time to flex it! I get around 1gb/s download and 900mb/s upload

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no body cares

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