Evo Branch Idea

I was playing swordbattle and realized that it was starting to get repetitive. Knights and warriors, as far as the eye could see. A never ending cycle of “You use your ability, I use mine”. So, I thought, why not add a WHOLE DIFFERENT BRANCH? This would not only solve the heavily combo-reliant PvP, but also offer a different angle to swordbattle that wasn’t seen before. Enough ranting though, let’s get to it.

The 5k evo would be Assassin, an evolution with:

-75% health

-150% damage

-150% walk speed

-125% attack speed

-100% KB

Now, the special ability would be to go invis for 5 sec and have these temporary stat changes:

-1/3x walk speed

-1/3x attack speed

-2x damage

(if any player in the Assassin branch gets hit during their ability, then it cancels and goes on cooldown)

This would keep players on their toes, making sure to look at the minimap for an Assassin.

And the two 10k evos would be Rogue and Creep (aw man!).

The Rogue:

-50% health

-200% damage

-100% walk speed

-150% attack speed

-125% KB

The special ability would be to go invis for 7 seconds and have these temporary stat changes:

-1/8x walk speed

-2x attack speed

-2x damage

-25% lifesteal


This would essentially make the special ability a way to compensate for the Rogue’s pitiful health and survivability by sneaking up behind someone and spamming sword swings to regain health rapidly.

The Creep:

-75% health

-150% damage

-150% walk speed

-125% attack speed

-75% KB

The Creep’s special ability would be invis for 10 sec with these stat changes:

-3x walk speed

-1/2x attack speed

-2.5x damage

-200% throw cooldown reduction

This makes the Creep’s ability good for escaping and using throws to pressure pursuers. It’s all-around a great ability that has good utility and multi-purpose use.

That’s it for now, CYA!


I sort of like it, but it would be better if the abilities are not just “invisibility”
I would love a third path, though or an extra evolution tier.
Also these evolutions are very nerfed, that a level 10 player could easily kill a player of those evolutions.

thx for the feedback! how could I improve them?

From personal experience, (I have suggested evols before and had have them rejected) try to make the 2 second evolutions alot more diverse from each other. I really liked the lifesteal idea for example, and so maybe you could design a evol based on that. Also don’t nerf them too much, and don’t focus everything on the ability.

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Oh, my bad… I thought that the dashes were minus signs. This is actually a very good idea!
(my only problem with it now are the abilities.)

Ok so first off i love the enthusiasm. However it seems a bit overpowered. I like tge idea of adding a third brnach. However, before using invisibility check out the evol the community designed tht already has it. I understand tht u think the current evols r a bit repetitve so see what thw community has came up with by clicking on my name and then my featured topic. Also assasson is a skin so it cant be and evol


Yassyassyass great idea

I (also) suggest making this all about the abil and lifesteal. That would make this really unique, unlike the others, which are more multi tasked. Buff up the abil, and maybe add a caveat like “killing something resets some time”. That would be op, yes, but make sure to nerf the normal status even more. Make this nothing but the power. Also, invis isnt actually that op, u can time throws to hit the enemy. Maybe make it so that being hit makes u return for a few seconds or smth. Don’t completely negate everything. Or, hide from minimap too. Or else it’s too ez.


So… stealth hmm I kinda like that -ranger
I agree with ranger this would be cool but it is kinda related to berserker class

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Since we have a defense and offense tree, the third branch can be more of a middle. When it branches, some evols will be more defense oriented and some offense. Its a mix with random evols in the line but it gives more of an option and u prob will have to bear evols u dont like making it unique

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Did no one see stalker evol in new evol storage topic?

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Yea I saw it I’m happy for it

a good idea might be to have a class that can throw swords rly fast but they do no knockback


Before designing evols look at my featured topic

rogue and hunter

good idea


oh, sorry. I’m new to the forum, so idk much of the evos. thx for the feedback tho