Doing a 2v2 tournament

im doing a 2v2 tournament find your partner cant be acol im teaming with @cosmidragon so hes taken you have 20 mins every one whos ready join usa 1 the winner of the tournament get 1m coins ill let you guys know when is first round


._. i cant find one

dont make topics about this, this can be told in gen or swordbattle chats

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wanna team?

How do you plan to transfer coins? lol

stop being a meanie

on god were you get 1 m

let the person who wins kill me

wanna team? :>

you cant play unless u get a bad teammate your too good #1

wdym, im just doin my job as a helper

ok meanie whos ur teammate btw

acol can we team i am trash :>

i’ll hop on

i have my ways

u have 16 mins to find a teammate

yes i can but people might of found there partner so please hurry

im gonna do it tmrw because people prob tired and dont wanna play right now

Im not going to play, I just wanna tell you that you cant transfer your coins

When dose it happen?