Does CSS suck

  • yes
  • no
  • css is the worst coding language ever, even BrainF is better

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If you guys don’t know what CSS is, then don’t vote

Yes. CSS is my nemesis. I use Tailwind instead of Vanilla CSS.
You made a multi-vote poll btw

i hate css

everyone does

ik, because if you say “yes”, you can also say “css is the worst codi…” if you want

not everyone

I love CSS it’s easy and powerful.

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Don’t want to be that person, but technically CSS isn’t a programming language. It’s a stylesheet/styling language


might as well be a programming language,
You can make full on games with it but you’d have to be very dedicated.

ugh i hate having to use css

and my css sucks anyway


I bet Bookie could.

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bookie oh god he is amazing

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who is bookie?

An amazing designer. I honestly can’t believe we’re the same age. He’s made some insane projects.

Not that he ever uses GH!


ook? u three just made this toppic into bookie stans

who’s the third person :eyes:

(sorry for sus emojis)

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