Do you consider yourself active?

  • I consider myself an active player of the game
  • I consider myself an active part of the community
  • I was playing the game since day 1 (Not literally)
  • I consider myself a pro

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Are you proud of your results? What did you chose? Let me know down below!

I chose active part of the community, active player of the game, and I’ve been playing the game for quite a while.
I do NOT consider myself a pro. Not yet, at least. *Ominous laugh*

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I only didnt chose since day 1

I consider myself all of these but let me check the 3rd one

nope i played since day 5 BUT when i first ever saw the game I had never made this acc soo idk

I was playing since day 1. Literally.

I am aware, Mr Owner. You were playing since day -7.


Huh? oh yeah kajam

good memories


i dont know how long the games been out iv played for awhile but i chose active player