@dev3x i am coming for you

i am following 158 you are following 518 i am coming for you :slight_smile:

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bruh, i have 43 followers and angel has 46!

no ppl i am following

i know, just saying.
I’m only following 15

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ok (7 char limit)

I’m only following 3 people

bruh ur not even close
i can go and find another like 50 rn


Do it plz

alr bet

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Yep try to see if you can follow 600 people

probably good for now lol

here is a dude you haven’t followed

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and another new user Profile - swordbattlefan - Swordbattle.io

alr following

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ngl there is like another 200 or smthn tht i havent followed… lol