Demoted Everywhere

As of Thursday and some time 2 weeks ago, I have been demoted. L + bozo + ez + gg + ggez + boxed + dogwater + on a Lego + cringe + stupid + 0 iq + no braincells me

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 12.48.43 PM

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tbh fr though L me

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sad imagine :thought_balloon:

fish on discord you have been chat mod for like ever since September 28+ thats when i joined so you where not demoted there i think

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No I was “the team” since 2022

huh really? never saw you there lol well if you where moved down there ouch also you never on discord how come?

1: discord is crazy
2: I was demoted and idk why

Maybe it has to do with the fact you curse 3 times a day

eh thats not to bad for discord here its bad

1: I didn’t know the h word was a cuss word
2: has nothing to do with discord
3: the team means you helped with swordbattle :skull:
4: I last cussed 6 days ago


And discord your allowed to cuss,

1: allowed
2: 13+, if your not leave.


fair but its been calm and dead but not any drama and that spammer is gone

do you mean hell is a cuss word? i think that is based off how your saying it


I totally agree

Coder alr told you, he doesn’t want anyone with the same powers of him lul

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There’s 6 people with the team role lul


L me :+1:

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Dang that stinks sorry man

It’s fine irdc lol