Country ingame (Community ask)

Some months ago I suggested to Gautam idea of show player`s country ingame and func to turn it off for a player(and maybe some more features based on this topic), but he reject it. What do you guys really think about it? I cant decide that it would be added or not even if you will like this idea but at least Gautam will see your opinion

  • Should be added
  • Shouldnt be added

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I think it would be a cool idea

@codergautam ???

Personally for me seems kinda pointless and extra for a Io game atleast.



How about this, a player can set their country but it doesnt have to be their actual one ( so that i dont need to use their ip to find their location )


Then it makes no sense :frowning:

I dont want to track and store users location



I think it’s pretty obvious why, this is just a childrens game and I think people will less likely play if they see their location being stored.

Also GDPR recognizes IP as personal identification info, so that would also be illegal without consent from parents.

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yes dont do that plz

you are eu not us?? or am i missing something


COPPA states that you may process a persistent identifier (e.g. IP Address) without any sort of parental consent for the “purposes of maintaining or analyzing the functioning of the site”


i dont think it would fall under “purposes of maintaining or analyzing the functioning of the site” anyways


You the only person in the whole internet who cares about it that much lol, a lot of games/sites store your data as default and dont even ask you about it, I said, you can store ONLY registered users and ONLY if they agree with it. So I see no problems.

yes but people in eu are subject to GDPR and I have to comply

i dont think this is a “gamechanging” feature enough to risk this

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You dont even risk.

Seems really creepy to track people’s location acol

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Nah its not creepy, its interesting to see where do people live : )

UM we live on the earth thats all we and u need to know not where we live


Traiter lol he couldn’t resist he saw me use my power up and i was in corner before i team with him he waited a litlle then killed me traiter lol.

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It doesn’t even should show city, I can’t really get why you kids that scared of it

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