Complaints (balacing of new classes and classes themselves)

first and foremost: WHY DA SAMURAI SO FRIGGEN SMOL??? I play tank to be big and hit hard, but now I can barely do either. At least the sword stays large, so I guess it’s a buff but it also looks goofy.
first.5: the giant ability on the samurai is just DECIMATED in quality. why??? and berserkers’ ability works at any size so there’s also that.
second: same options for both classes? BORIIIING. I know the dev team is hardworking and genuine, but don’t ruin the impact of our first evolution choice like that. I’ll be making some custom evos for both classes to remedy this (look at my cool idea dump thread every now and again to check cough cough), but getting the evos anyways was nice.
third: their stats are kinda garbage compares to what a second evolution SHOULD be. They’re just kinda sad really. And the abilities are somehow downgraded, assuming that they aren’t multiplied from the base ability stats, and due to how fricken tiny the samurai is when “giant,” I’m assuming I’m right about that. BUFFS. PLEASE.


as mentioned in gripe two, the devs are hardworking, young, and managing a lot. Bringing up this criticism isn’t meant to be demeaning, but rather as something to add to the to do list (albiet at the top) so that the game can contnue to grow as a fun, balanced experience.


Alright fair enough how do you think i could fix this

Sorry I just wanted to get something out I got together the whole update in less than an hour

Let me know how i can change the classes

i’ll use DMs

Take ur time. Two weeks for a lifetime of good is better than one hour for a lifetime of bad