CK clan

growls We will see…

U were sent to kill me many times… and failed many times…

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@ik_zarooma we got this :smirk: we can clap anyone

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welp lol

ok you had backup from killer it was impossible to kill when he wouldnt leave you

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Working on chat right now :smirk:

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I’m still ur friend… right?

Also I have those rules for many reasons once the clan gets a lot bigger I will get rid of em


Yes ur still my frenemy


jkjk u r but I am still gonna kill u

Yes that ain’t gonna change your just gonna fight some hopefully if you don’t want to you won’t

thats the same for u :slight_smile:

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CK FTW! Just joined :smiley:

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finally joined a clan

even me angel?

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Yeah even you by the looks

angel cant beat me in pvp. shes better and i cant kill her but i CAN survive

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im her fav in game. right angel?

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Fair but then she just hunt you I should know lol