Changing skin prices based on demand

so I was thinking of having the prices of skins be automatic…

For example:

Each day, every skins prices will decrease by 1%, except the skin cant be less than 100 coins

Whenever someone buys a skin, the price of that skin will increase by 5%

This will make the most sought after skins expensive, and bad skins cheaper.


Good idea, like more desirable coins = higher prices.


this would be torture if this game ever gets even slightly trendy. It should calculate how many skins were bought, and what percentage was of each skin. Each skin raises value by that percent-10%
example: skin a got 50% of the buys, B got 30%, C got 20%, and they all cost 100 coins. A would be 140, B 120, and C 110.

this can be adjusted bc of how many skins there are ofc

Yeah but how would I change the current skin prices, right now the expensive skins have less buys that the cheaper skin.

If i were to implement this change right now, then all the expensive skins would be dirt cheap and all the cheap skins would be expensive.

maybe make all the skins the same price, wait a while, then implement the system

In my opinion, people would be very mad bc a lot of people are saving for things. And if someone buys the skin before them it just gets more expensive. Because the most expensive skin rn would be 60M (i think), so people would start getting mad. If this even makes sense.

In my opinion, I would say no. And I would say yes so idek LOL