Challenge (Forum Battle)

The best program (in any language)

My Challenge is to create the best coding project before Sunday.

  • You must make a NEW project
  • code cannot be Obfuscated
  • code has to be easily accessible i.e. cant be in a private repl

For bonus points make it an api for something that normally does not have one

NOTE: This submission is for my alt @memz.exe

idk how to code

Me neither

good idea for a challenge…
one thing though.
some people on this forum don’t know how to code.
only people who know how to code could compete
also people like codergautam have an advantage having more experience that people like me

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if you can find it on gamesalad i made a tank game were you fight ai cats but i forgot account password

did you read the rules

rules suck and are for losers and gl finding that game

I could probably just make an iframe for a website and win because no one else would enter

no good at coding

I will join :slight_smile: btw, my replit is SharkCoding

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I like the stocks game a lot!
But can you make a sell 5 or 10 shares button?

If you hold down Ctrl then it automatically tries to buy/sell the max amount it can. To sell exactly 5 or 10, you will just have to click it that many times.

Ohh ok thanks

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