Along side housebuilder, we’re announcing! A paper-minecraft game.

The Challenge

We need skilled artists to design blocks!

Up for it?

Great. We need these blocks to be 32x32 PNG images of blocks.

Required Blocks

We need the following blocks designed.

  1. Grass Block
  2. Dirt Block
  3. Stone Block
  4. Cobblestone Block
  5. Coal ore
  6. Gold ore
    Thanks! See you at the challenge.

Note: Please don’t visit the This website is not the real website and is not owned by @Devepation. It is an ethereum website of some sort, so be careful!

do i just put the desing on this topic?

kuz im willing to design some.

yeah sure


@Devepation is it supppose to be 2d, top-down view or what?

we need a view for the side of a block kinda stuff. example:
What is Paper Minecraft? - Pro Game Guides

so its basically 2d right?



aight so im done with the grass block
Grass Block
It kinda small cuase it is 32x32 i even added detail to it so it looked more like minecraft

im done with dirt block
Dirt Block

thanks bud

gotchu bud, im almost done with the stone block

pixil-frame-0 (1)

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pixil-frame-0 (2)

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thank you sm!!!

pixil-frame-0 (3)

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yw. do you need like coal or diamonds or stuff like that?

yes actually!