Bread+ or Angel

Who is better

  • bread
  • Angel

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POV: you think they both are good


Who do I choose I don’t want to choose wrong.

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just bc of the swords bread+ skin is better

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ye. but i like the roll too

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Hey, I saw u get 1000000 coins in swordbattle by yasua account

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by the way, I like both u and bread


Wait we’re talking about skins I didn’t realise

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choose angel he has less votes.

ideekay i just chose angel with my eyes closed

i like angel more just cuz :slight_smile:

tbh, I like the bread skin

me too, when is my skin coming… :frowning:

now you know how I felt like when i was waiting on my skin lol

bruh but no one else had a skin dedicated to them. There are two players one of whom is behind me on leaderboard

i am wondering why my skin came out before yours manage? also imma go eat some dinner so i wont be on for a bit

idk either, the artists ever finished my skin :frowning: