Hello, I’m making this to bring to light the recent drama happening with the game. This has been compiled with the help of many players, which I’m not going to name.

Yesterday (June 1), @Mitblade and @codergautam were playing swordbattle.io around 4:30 PST (6:30 CST). @ANGEL was #1 at that time, with over 50k coins.

Both of them teamed up on angel, which is totally fine, and they still couldn’t beat her, since she has skills. Them, either coder or mitblade found out a way to send messages via alert boxes. They used this to post useless announcements and basically annoy people.

Still, angel wouldn’t fall, after a few more failed attempts. Mit decided to kick angel from the game. She had about 70k and was #1 at that time…

This is clearly admin abuse. Looking at mitblade’s profile, it says he’s the co-owner. Why would any co owner do this. Right now it was just one player, if he wanted, he could probably kick or ban multiple players just for his own personal reasons.

There’s also a rumor going on that Mit knows how to get where people live and he is abusing that feature, but I’m not sure if this is real.

So, I request @mitblade’s powers to be removed and for him to be demoted or banned, because clearly he is a threat to the game and the players.

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should mit be banned

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Mit is a troller ok, I will prevent him from doing this next time sorry. Pretty sure angel still got the 70k coins

Why are there trollers as staff? I couldn’t care less about the coins, but having a troll with admin powers is just frightening.

Heres what I got to Respond to that, Me and coder were trying to kill angel for around 15 minutes and failed since hes god tier player and wanted to end his rain of terror(joke), anyways then he told me in chat “the only way to kil l me is LAG”, so thats what gave us the idea. So yes we did indeed kick him from the server, he got all his coins and was able to log back on instantly. He was ranked one at the time and after he was kicked he became number one again in a solid 3 minutes lmao. In total he lost 10-15 minutes of his life when we kicked him. This was a purely a joke, Im not sure why this is being blown out of proportions. If angel is truly sad and believes that’s it was so terrible we can add another 70k to his tens of millions in the bank. The issue about me being able to see IP, ye I can see a players IP almost all game owners can lol, your connecting your wifi to our server or smh idk how it works. It dosent mean I will abuse it, yes time to time I will troll my friends saying hm this would be a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t actually leak it. About the messages we put in game, ATMOST that wasted 5 seconds of peoples life, all you had to click was ok and its gone, we just did since it was funny when people didnt believe were owners or wanted to troll someone by saying hey yall should target this player. I just trolled one guy by kicking him in what place he became number 1 again with in 3 minutes, granted if he was like 1m or like 200k+ then I could like see a case but he didnt have that much. I tried saying sorry since it was a joke in game but angel just kept stabbing so I gave up and went to work. thats all i got to say.

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I agree with the OP that it was wrong. However, if it doesn’t happen again, Mitblade should be able to keep his admin status. However, if it does happen again, then I think that he/she should be demoted as it is wrong and shouldn’t happen.

As for knowing where people live, the most he could figure out is your city, and like he/she said in his /her post, all websites you visit online can see this because your router has an address that shows where it is in the world so that data can be sent to it. Websites can store this if they want and use it to roughly figure out where you are connecting to the game from. As I said before, it only shows the city that you live in.

TLDR: Give mitblade a warning, and don’t let this happen again, because it is admin abuse and shouldn’t happen.


I agree with @DillonB07, if this happens again, i will demote you mit. But take this as a warning. Have a great day :smile:


@codergautam mitblade threatened to ban me because i told him idk y he’s a owner and he shudnt be XD. i told him i would tell u but he was like “ik him IRL and IM his friend”