AutoStatus V1, Show Your Leaderboard Spot With Ease

AutoStatus V1

AutoStatus is a program to automatically put your leaderboard spot in you bio.

intrigued, well there is one caveat

You know what i will start with the good news first

for it to work all i need you to do is send my what you want your bio to be with {place} where you want your leaderboard spot to be put. for example

HAH i am in #{place} bet you can beat it. view my profile at [player](

i mean you dont have to brag so much but yeah that is how it works

The Caveat

So time for the bad news to make this work i need an API key linked to your user.

you might be thinking “Oh whats so bad about an api key”

API = full account access which i need to set your bio. Thats it

The Nerdy Details

all that this is a python script that every 5 minutes goes through all of the ppl with AutoStatus and update their status. not very nerdy ik

EDIT: you can also edit the scopes of the api key so that it can only modify the users bio

Getting Your AutoSatus
  1. Pm me 3 things. 1 your message. 2 your api key. 3 your swordbattle username if i dont know it alreadt

Dont have a good day have a great day


omg ip is scamming people out of their accounts!!1!111!

me who doesn’t know how to get my api key so i cant do it anyway


no i am not i amtrying to do somthing good


can’t you just scrape the user details page and get position from there?

Unless you want to give full account access to this guy i highly dont recommend doing this lol.