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Hello you may have seen my old post about my api well it is fully out now. You can find it at api.1gn.repl.co. if you encounter any bugs at all or have any sugguestion chat me or reply :slight_smile: the docs are on the home page but i will also include them below

GET: /api/game/userinfo/<name>

returns info on a swordbattle user with the username <name>

GET: /api/game/compare/<u1>/<u2>/raw

returns a json compare of 2 swordbattle users, <u1> and <u2>

GET: /api/game/top100

returns the top 100 players on the leaderboard as json

GET: /api/forum/getuserinfo/<name>/raw

gets info on <name> in json format


cool! @codergautam check this out!

Nice job!


Thanks :slight_smile:

I would lid hit the mbs up but Iโ€™m out so :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: and everyone hit thumbs up for me

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But iโ€™m out toooo

Nooooooooooo other people plz like this NOW plz and thank you

Also iโ€™m not the sharpest how do i use this?

what do you need clarification on id be glad to clarify more :slight_smile:

I donโ€™t know how to do any of the funny gets

as in where do i put the /api/whatever

After the url :slight_smile: glad to help

so like this:

i see it i will fix

i made a typo in the code LOL it is fixed

Pog, thanks

nevermind iโ€™m stupid

Look at my user info https://api.1gn.repl.co/api/game/userinfo/Turkey%20zarooma

that for forum users only

yep i found that out