Anyone need an proxy

Did your school block and and it’s other link like Then here us how to unblock it:

  1. Search “ultraviolet node replit”
  2. Click on first link
  3. Fork the replit, you will need to either sign into replit or create a replit account
  4. Run the replit
  5. Click the open in new tab button, top right of run window
  6. Search on the proxy
  7. Play it.

Replit will probably be unblocked in your school as it a website for coding and other stuff

why not just play through replit although some have replit blocked entirley

you dont have to do all that stuff is what im saying

Actually when you click open in new tab you will see a unique address for your proxy (after step 5). This will be … and thus is not blocked. This means that if you then use this memorised link on a school computer you can unblock even if replit is blocked