Angel stans

You should become an angel stan

  • angel is the best player
  • protect angel at all costs
  • sacrifice yourself for angel
  • help angel get more coins

if you do not follow these rules you will be banned for swordbattle for no reason

angel is the best angel is the best angel is the best angellllllllll


angel has too much coins abc

we need to get angel more coins angel is the best player

if you dont become an angel stan you will be banned’

i repeat

you will be banned

ok i have a alt L

You will be ip banned

ill use my pc

@codergautam ban him he is being disrepsectful and toxic to angel @angel ban him

simping for angel is ok ig ill search up angel later

yes yes good child

thx dad

np now set your about to angel stan

@anon46957593 is banned. You guys wont be getting anymore junk over this dude.