AMA but for wasd

color is quicker to type

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but wrong

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bro if you want to type colour fast just spell it like clr or smth see slang allows that

Why can’t we all call it colr and be done with this

Why don’t we nuke America and be done with this?

Why d u have a clone of u, @Wasd , like I am the @twofoursixeight clone?

(Ur clone is this guy)


He wants to and I’m fine with it

Because America will likely nuke you back.

Well too late now nukes America

Oh no, what have you done? Its only going to be a matter of time before- America starts nuking the entire world

Answer “yes” or “no”. Is your answer to this question “no”?

That just broke my brain

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can’t believe you would betray your own country like that smh

also @Wasd what is your favorite drink?

Hmmm that’s a hard one I would have to say vimto though OR the classic H2O

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Oh wait my brain is broken on the first place