Admin Skin (15 char limit)

Name: Admin
price: manually given to staff and only shown in shop if owned
desc: Time To ban

If you want to make a sword put it in the comments

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NO most admins arent worthy

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> : O

what abt us mods?:frowning:

all admins and mods are worthy

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I got the dirt on ALOT of people here and I got a timeline building up and believe me most people here arent what they seem

hush (7 char limit)

huh never knew that.

kinda obvious

Say ur dirt on me.

oh, there’s nothing. shut up

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mmm, dirt

huh mm dirt


ignore the 7’s
(7 char limit)

the new replit logo has a 5:6 aspect ratio the old one had a 1:1 aspect ratio


Stop with da confusing words me needa go get smarts

that hurts me ;(

why must it end like this



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yes please do