I have no idea why it was removed. Like the India flag I get (people were getting mad that their countries weren’t). Even gun emoji I get (probably because it was offensive I guess or somethin) . But why skull??? It’s not like we don’t have room either. Look! :skull:

  • Add it back
  • Don’t add it back

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It was removed because people were spamming it.

Also I don’t see the point of it. What’s it supposed to represent?

bruh :skull:

Like when a post is bad, or when something bad happens.

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@gautam a lot of stuff, but basically when something is funny, frustrating, etc. to the point where you “die” ( in a metaphorical way). It can also represent sarcasm

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or when some on made a huge mistake (@MV_Penguin神561 attacking canada) we can be like :skull:

It represents the phrase “im dead”, as in dying laughing. The exposed teeth of the skull show a persons smile. Honestly i think you should add it back due to the fact of how many people voted to keep it. The only reason it may seem like it is spammed is because it Is used so commonly. It is interchangeable with :joy:


not just interchangeable, better

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@gautam add it please >:)

please without any threats for once? That’s a surprise lol

i’m canadian, eh

bruh I just got completely ignored by @gautam :skull:

I dont think I have anything else to say other than :skull:

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thanks :skull:

someone close this topic then

im sorry I failed the 87% of you guys who wanted it back

:saluting_face: it’s all good man