Acol your messed up

Oh easy

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ruin his gameplay:]

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eh that works too

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You are too vulnerable to be insulted, let me give you a tip: Ignore people in the internet

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ok ill get started this weak

Nice Goodluck!

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So you racist? I dont understand you

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And when he starts to cuss at you that means you made great progress!

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it just a meme around the internet

yea that means i have one person already!

@ANGEL I’m not going to insult anyone, at least cuz the game, it’s stupid, and now im not even wanted to going into this drama, I just killed him and ingnored so he got mad at me lol

eh you can’t even live without insulting your enemies

I have no enemies, at least maybe my big enemy is my depression

And what drives me crazy is when you team up on me and say ez but when your all alone you don’t even stand a chance

If it make you crazy it means that my work done : )

If you wanna pvp with me please host a server and use no ability and throwing, then we will se who is at least a little better. Now I can only say that you strong, and im strong.

When we fighted I kicked you the same times as you, and in this situation I dont even count that I had very bad ping and low fps on a big mass. BY saying that you better then you just try to make me mad, but bad for you, you cant. Its just a game and nothing anymore for me : )