Ability Problem

Kind of a problem to me personally but the ability button is a little bit annoying, is there a hotkey for it because I hate having to turn my character in order to press it, especially when I am getting chased from that side directly

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I said

Yes, I agree its sorta annoying

Bruh you better be nice to my friend @ANGEL! He’s a really nice and cool dude so if you have a problem with him, That doesn’t mean you two can fight. You need to say sorry to him! Why and what has he done to make you mad?

He insulted my friend, if it annoy you I can say thay I dont worry about it anymore.

If u were a close frend u wud know its a she lol…

We never even was a friends, but I know that it she I missex people sometimes

Dont turn this into drama about rudeness. DM them if you have a problem with that and keep this about the topic “Ability Problem”

Lol I want to stop it but people starts again

Angel is a girl :skull: and what did acol do? Including that next time you try to start drama im easily able to warn you. Including the people who are trying to continuing the drama.

Message me what happened and sure whatever I will look into it. But dont start drama in a fricken thread with a reason that acol didnt even say in their message.

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what did problem did the drama started?

I dont want to talk about it anymore for not looks like toxic

Okay well change the topic back to Ability Problem

Tbh I don’t know why someone had to start the argument lol, but yes lets get back to the Ability Problem, hope the devs notice this and work on a hotkey for it, V or X would be good for it since its next to the throw sword hotkey

not a good look on u Acol for starting an argument, just let it be, can be frustrating but it doesn’t help to start anything, lets just talk about the post ;-;

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