Ability hotkey

^The title says^


the evolution keybind

Key to use ability, not by only taping with mouse.

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Good idea, I defenitly need to do this, what key should it be/

X key

K maybe

bruh, respond to dms maybe

Easiest would be the shift key.

Just add the function to change key.

Exactly, like how the Throwing Sword keybind is the C key.

Yes it’s on my to do list but I will do a fixed keybind for now

I will do X because it seems the closest to C key (throwing sword)

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Kind of a problem to me personally but the ability button is a little bit annoying, is there a hotkey for it because I hate having to turn my character in order to press it, especially when I am getting chased from that side directly

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I said

Yes, I agree its sorta annoying

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