A Newbie's Forum Tutorial

Hello people! Welcome to the Swordbattle.io Forum!

Forum Etiquette

The basic rule that comes to mind is to not be toxic. This is pretty straightforward. Avoid making any hurtful comments to other members on the forum. Try your best to be friendly to each other so everyone has a good time here. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated.

Creating posts

When creating posts, be sure to choose the proper category.

We have two main categories here on this forum: Off-topic and Swordbattle.io. Whenever you are creating skins, reporting bugs, or offering suggestions to the game, choose Swordbattle. Anything that is related to the forum itself or completely unrelated to the game should have the “Off-topic” category.

The third category, Lounge, was added recently (May 2023). Topics posted under this category (as well as the Lounge chat) can only be viewed by people who have TL3 or above. TL3 basically means you’re a trusted user, and you will gain a lot of privileges. Don’t worry about it too much, just keep being active and a nice person in general, and you’ll get it!

A small suggestion: Before posting, you should pause and consider if it would bring any meaning. Ideally, a post should spark a conversation of some sort.

Formatting Posts

This is an add-on to the previous section. Formatting posts can help improve readability.
To bold or italicize text in a post, you can first highlight the text you want to format, and then use shortcuts Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I. Alternatively, you can add asterisks and other punctuation like so:

**bolded text**
*italicized text*
***italicized & bolded text***
# big text
~~crossed-out/strikethrough text~~
'code text like this, it does not get formatted even if you use asterisks'

You can use the <big> and <small> tags to change font size. Or, use the # tag to change it as well.

<big> This text would appear larger </big>
# This is a heading 1 text


This is a heading 1 text

This text would appear larger

<small> This text would appear smaller </small>


This text would appear smaller

You can also quote users, either with the bar at the top or by highlighting posts on the forum. Note that you can reply to multiple users in one post, and, if possible, please do so! This saves space and time.

Creating Skins

One of the many amazing things about this game is that players are able to create their skins. If you’re creating a skin for the first time, make sure you visit this first:

There are two main methods of creating skins; Vectr and hand-drawn.

For a full vector tutorial, visit the topic below.

Before moving on to the next section, I would like to emphasize the main ideas from Gautam’s guide for creating skins (as well as a few comments of my own):

  • Don’t take any images off from Google and claim it as your own creation.
  • Make sure that you use the templates provided by Gautam.
  • Before posting a skin, really think about whether or not you’ve put a LOT of effort into creating it. Low effort or poorly made skins are not worthy to be added to the game.
  • In order for skins to be added to the game, they must be approved by @ManagePasswords

If you would like feedback, advice, or help when creating a skin, I suggest asking help from our amazing skin creators: @frumpy and @Octopi_Slapadabass


This section’s pretty straightfoward. If you would like to socialize with a specific forum user, you can send them a quick message or talk to them through a personal chat. You can also use the public chat if you would like to share things to the community as a whole. If you have a comment on something a forum user said on a post, simply reply to them. But once it starts becoming a long, back and forth chat between you and one other user, please consider moving the conversation to a personal chat.

Activities on the Forum

Here are some fun things that you can do on the Swordbattle.io forum:

  • Compete in The Great Forum Battles (organized by @Octopi_Hamm)
  • Compete in ArtBattle (organized by @frumpy)
  • Compete in The Siege of Stories (organized by @_MV_AH_Faraway_Flame)
  • Compete in the Swordbattle olympics (organised by @Yutong)
  • Campaign in The Forum Election (organized by @Hue)
  • Participate in Swordbattle World Map (organized by @Hue and @SHINOBISLAYER)
  • Talk to the forum’s AI chatbot, @tom

If you have any questions regarding these activities or wish to sign up, please contact the users that I have mentioned above.

Additional forum guides:

Sidebar guide:

Chat guide:

Guide to Trust Levels:

Thanks for reading this guide!

Feel free to make additions to this forum tutorial that you believe new forum users would benefit from. Alternatively, please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks again, and have a great day!


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You could have a section on how to format a topic to make it stand out, and make bold, italic, big, and small text.

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I think we should make a post called “a newbie’s guide to swordbattle” and it would essentially give them helpful tips and pointers. We could have a main post, and link other, in depth posts about a specific subject!
Some ideas- A newbie’s guide to PvP, A newbie’s guide to grinding, A newbie’s guide to game mechanics, and so on so forth!


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