4 spots

I have 4 spots on the past day coins leaderboard

also, @ANGEL once u get back to second all time play on alt like me

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now 5 spots

Nah when i come back from break ill get all time again THEN i will work on our acc ok?

Bet. Send me ur acc pass in DMS. I think u changed it I tried to play on our AC but couldn’t get in. Also do not trust dev. me and him are at war

Wdym at war? dang it am missing out on everything

Me and dev are at war with eachother

ye, kinda. your not missing out on much @ANGEL we just keep killing each other for some reason idk

U started it

no u

We all know it’s u

the sky started it

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its a joke :sneezing_face:


5 spots today…

look at the search on top right, 5 spots